Home Matters Linky Party #148

Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends.  Home Matters Linky Party #148! ... Thanks for joining us for another fantastic week of great ideas, tasty recipes, and creative inspiration. Please, share and enjoy. ... ... Lorelai at Life With Lorelai: Lorelai … Continue reading Home Matters Linky Party #148


Our DIY Rustic Farm Wedding!

The love story continues, this day is one I'll never forget! This is the day that we said I do! It was a day I had dreamed of ever since I was a little girl! Growing up I always knew I wanted to get married and start a little family, and the fact that this … Continue reading Our DIY Rustic Farm Wedding!

Custom Keychain Collection Display

Calling all collectors! I think just about everybody has collected something in their lifetime, rather is, baseball cards, souvenirs, antiques, you name it, we've all been there. I probably qualify as one who collects a little too much, but collecting is something I thoroughly enjoy! My love for collecting started from an early age with rocks actually, I fell … Continue reading Custom Keychain Collection Display

DIY Wooden Entryway Coat Rack With A Monogram

This Diy project was one of those that kind of came out of nowhere... I don't know about you, but usually, I plan my projects for some time before I get around to doing them. However this one was different, I was just sitting there one morning, we had the day off work and I decided … Continue reading DIY Wooden Entryway Coat Rack With A Monogram

DIY Monogrammed Wood Tray & Shakers

So this particular gift was for my aunt and uncle they had just recently moved into their home, which they built with the help of family and friends! It was my aunt's birthday, so I decided to mix her birthday gift with her housewarming gift! And thus this creation was born, this is something that … Continue reading DIY Monogrammed Wood Tray & Shakers