Our Engagment Photo Shoot!

Our engagement photos this trip was one for the books, you see we were planning our wedding on a budget which meant we didn't have much money for photos luckily, I have a cousin who is really good at taking pictures! (he was the one who took our proposal photos) We weren't sure what we … Continue reading Our Engagment Photo Shoot!


09-04-15 Q&M Proposal

To most everyone, this day probably was just another Friday, but for me little did I know there was a lot and store. In order to tell the story properly, I have to go back to that Monday. This is the day that it All Began I woke up to find a gift in the … Continue reading 09-04-15 Q&M Proposal

Quimtons 24th Birthday

So we just recently celebrated Quinton's (aka my hubby's) 24th Birthday!! And those of you who know him, he's not one for surprises.. But, me on the other hand, I love surprises, birthdays basically anything that has to do with parties or gift giving. So I decided to keep if fairly simple, I set up a … Continue reading Quimtons 24th Birthday