So we just recently celebrated Quinton’s (aka my hubby’s) 24th Birthday!! And those of you who know him, he’s not one for surprises.. But, me on the other hand, I love surprises, birthdays basically anything that has to do with parties or gift giving.

So I decided to keep if fairly simple, I set up a little well not so little soda cake, which he loved btw.  And then a tower of doughnuts, which were all great and dandy until the sugar ants decided to show up.

Later that evening, I decided to invite some of his family over for dinner to surprise him, which in the end seemed like a small surprise compared to the brand NEW 2016 RAM Truck my parents surprised him with! (which I was too caught up in the moment to even get a picture, but here of a few that I did capture.)20160709_092035(1)20160709_092040

[[File:quimtons-24th-birthday.jpeg |thumb|center|upright=0.75|alt=soda cake|birthday signs| doughnut cake
#happybirthday #🎉🎈 #love #friends #happybirthdayhappy #sodacake #doughnutcake #adventuresofQandM
[[File:quimtons-24th-birthday.jpeg |thumb|center|upright=0.75|alt=birthday boy with doughnuts.|
My Guy<3

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