Our engagement photos this trip was one for the books, you see we were planning our wedding on a budget which meant we didn’t have much money for photos luckily, I have a cousin who is really good at taking pictures! (he was the one who took our proposal photos) We weren’t sure what we wanted to do exactly we just knew we wanted something different.

We lucked out as our photographers family happened to be taking a trip up to Maggie Valley where we have a cabin. So we decided to pack up, two of my sisters came with us and we left Friday after work. It’s about an 8hr drive so we arrived late Friday night! Stayed there all day Saturday taking pictures and hiking not the easiest task when you’re all dressed up but luckily it was cool out!

Then we headed home Sunday so there wasn’t much time to do a lot, but we got some great photos! And we got joey’s which for those who are familiar with Maggie Valley there’s a really good Pancake House called Joey’s pancakes best breakfast ever! And thanks to it being during the fall season and the leaves were just starting to change, and the photos turned out amazingly!


I love the natural beauty of the mountains!
Can you spot the stalker? Sadly, we are related, and this is pretty normal.
Just look at those mountains


The color was unreal!
So happy together<3
We cannot escape!
These are not photoshopped, the mountains are just amazing!
Gotta show off that bling!


Never a dull moment!


So for those of you who are looking for an affordable place to take photos just drive up to the Smokies during fall, there are so many amazing backdrops and they don’t cost you any money aside from the drive up there! Plus it never hurts to get away from the craziness of life every now and then!


Live your life to the fullest,


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