The love story continues, this day is one I’ll never forget!

This is the day that we said I do! It was a day I had dreamed of ever since I was a little girl! Growing up I always knew I wanted to get married and start a little family, and the fact that this day was finally here I was beyond excited! I don’t think I fully realized what all is involved in planning a DIY wedding! Don’t let anyone fool you, its a lot of work, but it’s worth all of it, the planning, all the late nights making Pinterest projects come to life and the constant hunting for affordable decor!

(None of  this would have been possible without the help of our AMAZING family and friends, we love you all!)


09-04-15 is the day he proposed, PS. he did an amazing job, but then again I may be partial<3 Considering we chose 01-16-16 (we wanted a cold wedding) for our wedding date, we had a lot of planning to do in a short amount of time (3 and a half months to be exact)! My family has never been known to back down from a challenge! Like most girls, I had been pinning wedding ideas for years and years and years (check out my Wedding Board). Sadly reality hits really fast when it comes to actually planning the day, Pinterest weddings are expensive, and we were trying to stick to a fairly tight budget. Which meant it was time to start DIY’ing, granted I was not against that I’m always up for a good DIY project, this one was just on a massive scale!

So the first things first, we had to decide on a venue, we shopped around a bit, but ultimately decided to have the ceremony at my families home, and have the reception on my grandparent’s farm!

Now for the fun part the pictures!

Direction signage, as you can see for the most part was made with old lumber, that a friend of mine donated! The others were perks of your family owning a sign company, they are just corrugated plastic!

As for the ceremony, we kept things pretty simple as you can tell. The arbor was borrowed from my sister-in-law, which she had used for her wedding.

FLOWERS can become expensive real quick so to stay in the budget we opted to make our own bouquets! The main flowers we got were baby’s breath and white roses we actually found Sams to be the cheapest!

THE SEATING was another thing that took us awhile to determine because there is a big difference between what you want and what you can you can afford. I really wanted benches, but rental rates were close to $18 a bench that sat 5 people. When you have 150+ guest list that can add up pretty quick! So after discussing my delema with my dad, he told me, he thought we could build them for half that and reuse them for my sister’s wedding. ( Score! that is if my sisters ever get married!) With that in mind, we went to work, this is one of the many times our family helped us out a ton. In one day we built 40 benches like it was no big deal! Ps. We’ve rented these benches out 5-6 times and have made our money back and then some!

Guest Festivities!

GUESTBOOK: We transformed my grandparent’s gazebo into a cute guestbook area! We had a standard guestbook, advice Jenga, date ideas and my favorite an amazing guest bench that my hubby made for me! Which is currently in our entry way, featured here, DIY Wooden Entryway Coat Rack with a Monogram.



I don’t know about you, but I feel like I always get hungry at weddings waiting for dinner! So we put together a fun little waffle bar, to satisfy the munchies!


Also, we all know bridal photos can take a while…. Especially when you have almost 100 family members to get photos with! We love them all! We wanted to ensure our guest didn’t get bored during that time, So we DIY’ed some yard games and an awesome photo booth that my dad put together! (it was by far the biggest attraction)

YES, Quinton had a black eye the day of our wedding and no I did not give it to him… Luckily we had a great photographer ( Captured by Heather ) who was able to photoshop it out:)

The Reception!

The reception was very simple! I loved how it looked at night with all the twinkle lights! Ps: because our family is so amazing they also helped us make 20 tables and enough food to feed 200 people!




Our proposal tree, one of the many perks of having your wedding at your families is all of the amazing memories that come with it!

The Bride Tribe consisted of my 4 sisters and my sister in law! It was such a blast getting ready, the girls and I hanging out! I had an amazing hair and makeup artist, (she is also a world traveler/fashion blogger) she was one of the first people I contacted after the proposal! Sadly at the time, she was booked, however, she had a last minute cancellation which meant flawless hair and makeup for the day!


This was the greatest part about having our wedding on the farm was sharing this moment with my grandpa, he will always hold a special place in my heart and being added to the family tree surrounded by loved ones is a memory I will never forget!

(He was so excited to add a giraffe and peacock to our heart, yes we are tall.)


I know this post is long, so for those who endured it, THANK YOU! There were so many details and memories surrounding this day I could talk about it forever! Did you DIY your wedding? I’d love to hear about it, there is just something about weddings…

Mrs. Peacock

25 thoughts on “Our DIY Rustic Farm Wedding!

  1. Wow 😀 There were soo many beautiful and fun elements of your wedding and reception. The reception area was so beautiful. I just loved loved looking at your pictures 🙂 Congrats.


  2. Such a beautiful wedding.So many cute ideas and I just loved the twinkle lights at the reception! must have been really magical at night.


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