Now, let’s talk baby showers. Who doesn’t love them… aside from 99% of the guy population. I absolutely love everything about baby showers. There is always delicious food, the mini  baked sandwiches are one of my favorites. Plus there is almost always cake, I mean what’s a party without cake. but I think my all time favorite thing is the tiny tiny baby clothes. For those of us yet to have kids, this part of the shower that always kicks my baby fever into overdrive! There is just something about seeing those adorable little shoes that make me want a baby ASAP.

I’m not sure about you, but I always love bringing unique gifts to these types of events. The typically can’t be taken back, so hopefully, they like them..

Here are a few different things I have done in the past.

This one was super easy, between walmart and TJmaxx I was able to find everything I needed.
And I think it turned out so cute.
Enter a caption
These rulers are by far my favorite, they require a bit of work, but thanks to LOTC I was able to get the vinyl to apply all at once rather than attempting to paint it all on there.




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